Amazon statistics show than more than 300 million consumers have an Amazon account. If you’re looking to launch a private product label via the online version of Walmart, there’s something instantly appealing about tapping into a massive group of potential buyers.

The first step is to decide what is you’ll want to sell. Picking the right product could lead to a steady income of about $1,500 to $2,000 a month—and maybe more than that if you really put a lot of time and effort into targeting consumers likely to be interested in what you’re selling and earn positive reviews from satisfied customers.

Amazon’s top-selling products include automotive products, books, electronics, and video games. But what really works for private product label sellers are niche products that appeal to a more specific group of consumers. Here are ten Amazon private label product ideas to help you get started with the brainstorming process.

1. Baby Products

Baby wipes and bibs are among the niche baby products you’ll find from third-party sellers on Amazon. It’s part of a focus on private label household products the company sells through its Amazon Elements label. It initially launched with diapers and baby wipes before the shift to a broader product range. Even so, a search of top-selling third-party products on Amazon brings up several baby-related products, so it’s definitely a potentially lucrative niche worth considering.

2. Tech Accessories

It’s not really much a surprise that tech products are in demand from private label sellers on Amazon. Akkerdirect consistently ranks as one of the leading Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) sellers. Sunvalleytek just launched in early 2017 and already ranks in the ninth position overall on Amazon. The company specializes in an assortment of tech accessories such as USB chargers, multi-angle stands for tables and e-readers, data transfer ports, and Bluetooth keyboards. All of these profitable products are generic enough to work well for third party sellers. Stay away from tech products that have a clear brand association like Apple iPads.

3. LED Lights

From Christmas lights to lanterns, LED products are in demand these days. With the price of LED lights going down and the widespread availability of this technology, it’s an easy product to promote. LED lanterns are one of the best-selling niche products on Amazon within this category. Solar lanterns are equally appealing to Amazon customers based on a search of what’s trending within this category.

4. Scooter/Hoverboard Decals

Unique accessories tend to attract attention on Amazon. With decals, there’s enough versatility to allow for different shapes, sizes, styles, and colors. And one thing Amazon buyers definitely love is having choices. Decals that perform well on Amazon are ones for scooters and hoverboards; although you could expand on this concept and offer decals for bicycles, tricycles, and traditional skateboards.

Self-balance scooter

5. Books

Jenson Books ranks high on the list of top Amazon FBA sellers and on the company’s list of all top sellers (and booksellers are peppered throughout Amazon’s trending sellers list). It’s just one of several third-party booksellers showing on various lists of the top products sold via the online e-commerce giant. It’s also a fairly easy private product label product to promote and sell on Amazon, especially when you consider your distribution options. In addition to physical books, you can also generate profits by tapping into the company’s Kindle market. Romance, mystery, religion/inspirational, and science-fiction are the best-selling (and most profitable) genres.

6. Camera and Photo Products

Enough people are searching for camera bags on Google to make it one of the top ten most-searched products by search volume. This is just one of several camera and photo products and accessories that also do well on Amazon. Keep the focus on niche products here and avoid actual cameras since the big brands already have that market covered. Cell phone camera lenses, including glass phone protectors, also perform well on Amazon. You’re also likely to attract the attention of shoppers with picture frames, with the most appealing ones being 8×10 and 4×6 sizes.

7. Organic/Eco-Friendly Products

Anything that’s all-natural or organic is likely to attract attention when sold through Amazon since consumers buy nearly $50 billion worth of organic products each year. Top Amazon sellers like Pure Body Naturals and etaliz offer things like essential massage oils made from natural or organic products and eco-friendly laundry detergent. Amazon’s own private product label, Mama Bear, has been successful with its line of organic baby food. And Happy Belly has earned a steady stream of customers with its line of organic, fair-trade-certified blends.

8. Alarm Clocks

Apparently a lot of Amazon shoppers have a need to make sure they get up on time. Alarm clocks in all shapes and sizes consistently rank well on online commerce site. The trick with selling niche products like this is to narrow your focus even more. For instance, you could go with alarm clocks for heavy sleepers or kid-friendly alarm clocks. USB-charging alarm clock radios are also generating interest on Amazon. Related products: light dimming sheets for alarm clocks and electronic devices and wearable/carry-along products with alarms (e.g., watches, key chains).

9. Flashlights

Outdoor and emergency illumination is where it’s at if you’re a third-party seller on Amazon. All types of flashlights and related accessories attract a lot of attention and generate a fair amount of reviews. Profitable product possibilities within this niche include LED flashlights, tactical flashlights (works well when combined with outdoor/camping products), rechargeable flashlights, and flashlight holders.

10. Household Cleaning Products

Our Pampered Home is one of several companies tapping into the home cleaning market on Amazon. And, yes, you can definitely clean up if make this niche your preferred private label product. Particularly popular products within this category include: carpet cleaners, microfiber polishing cloths, spot removers, and natural cleaning products. With all-natural cleaning products, companies like Formula Corp. offer products that can be sold by private labels and offered at a lower cost than what’s available from well-known brands.

Microfiber Spin Mop Bucket

Trending Products to Consider

In recent years, Amazon has launched more than half a dozen private label clothing brands (Franklin Tailored, Lark & Rio, etc.), suggesting this could be a trend to keep an eye on as you consider your possible products. A few other products to watch and consider for your private label product include:

• Toys and games (esp. educational games)
• Mosquito repellent bracelets
• Bluetooth waterproof speakers (esp. shower speakers)
• Hammocks and related accessories (hammock stands, stakes, pillows)

Launching a business via Amazon with a private product label isn’t going to give you instant results. With the right marketing strategy, however, you could reach a point where you’re generating decent revenue. Expect to invest about $5,000 or so into your business as a third-party seller. Increase your odds of seeing a meaningful return on your investment by levering your social media engagements (or seeking out influencers likely to be interested in your product) to promote what you’re offering. As far as your choice of product goes, you’ll definitely have more success if you opt for something you’re truly passionate about rather than just what you think will sell—and with some careful selecting, you may even find a product that falls into both categories.

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