Achieving a position high in the eBay Best Match search results on eBay can increase your sales on eBay. Not only will the item being searched for receive a sales boost, your other listings can benefit from links within the original result.

Buy it Now, or fixed price items are sorted based on seller performance, recent search impressions and sales, with title, value and P&P charges all affecting your overall result too. Sellers with Top Rated Seller status will also receive a boost in the Best Match results.

As 80% of buyers do not alter the search results given, optimising your listings to ensure they rank highly is a worthwhile task. SellerExpress have put together a list of tips to help improve your position in the Best Match search results.

  • Seller Performance

eBay rates sellers on different areas of performance, Item as Described, Communication, Dispatch Rate and P&P. To ensure you provide a high level of service and maintain positive ratings you can take steps to improve your service overall. Streamline your pick and pack methods to speed up dispatch time; use a custom template to make sure the product information is easily accessible so buyers know exactly what they are getting; aim to answer all customers emails within a certain timeframe; and have methods in place to deal with issues that may arrive such as returns or missing items. Automating you inventory management and order processing methods, particularly if you sell on eBay as well as other online marketplaces, will reduce the amount of work you have to do manually, speeding up your service and increasing the chances of customer satisfaction.

  • Recent Sales History

Getting more sales from one listing will improve the search result position of that listing. Restocking a listing rather than creating a new one will allow you to build on all sales of that item. eBay shop subscribers can list items as ‘Good ‘Til Cancelled’, meaning their item will automatically relist every 30 days, building the sales history over the entire life of the listing rather than only getting sales for 1, 3 or 7 days.

  • Title

Your listing title should contain keyword relevant to the product you are selling. offer BayEstimator, a keyword research tool you can use to build titles for your listings. This can be used by sellers in all locations but it is worth noting that it is localised for US terms and some sellers may need to adjust the results to account for language differences.
It is important to only use relevant keywords to avoid keyword spamming which will negatively affect your Best Match position. Avoid using words that do not directly relate to the item you are selling. It is also worth learning some of the commonly used abbreviations on eBay. Nw is the new New. BNWT, BNIB and VGC are accepted terms with most eBay users and are being increasingly used in listing titles.

  • Value and P&P

Listings with free Postage & Packaging get an automatic boost to a higher result in Best Match but it’s not always possible to offer this. For items you are charging P&P on, make sure the rate is reasonable and offer more than one shipping option, such as expedited, to further boost your result.

eBay’s aim is simple; to offer customers the best value and service on the products they want. Ensuring your listings consistently reflect the product being sold, the service offered by you and the best value for money and you will find your products making their way to the top of the Best Match search results.

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