17 01, 2017

How to Respond to a Negative Amazon Product Review

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You’ve just completed a sale and your buyer said your service was awesome — but the item itself was less than stellar. What do you do now? Well, if you’re really dead serious about improving on that aspect, then follow these handy tips courtesy of FeedbackExpress. Know What Your Ultimate Goal Is When faced with a negative product review, the first instinct is to make it go away. However, that can be a super long process — and not always with a good success rate. Instead, and as cheesy as it sounds, place your focus on trying to improve yourself so it doesn’t happen in the future. If the best defence is a strong offence, then your ideal tactic is to set up a frame in place so you just don’t get negative feedback in the future. Where You Want Your Feedback to Go There are two ways you can get a hold of your buyer: Email them directly Post a comment on their Amazon review. There are pros and cons for each, so let’s take a look. Email: You can [...]

12 01, 2017

The Best Ecommerce Conferences 2017

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Networking is an important part of all commerce including ecommerce. Meeting people and sharing ideas is an experience that many can benefit from. As the saying goes, it's not what you know but who you know, that can help you on your rise to the top and conferences are a golden opportunity for getting to know the right people in your industry. Here's our list of the top ecommerce conferences happening across Europe and the US in 2017. Best Ecommerce Conferences 2017 Europe Webwinkel Vakdagen Jan 18-19, 2017 Utrecht, The Netherlands Visit Website > The Delivery Conference Jan 31, 2017 London, UK Visit Website > Ecommerce Berlin Expo Feb 2, 2017 Berlin, Germany Visit Website > eTail Germany Mar 14-15, 2017 Berlin, Germany Visit Website > Internet Retailing Expo Apr 5-6, 2017 Birmingham, UK Visit Website > eCommerce Stockholm May 9-10, 2017 Stockholm, Sweden Visit Website > eCommerce Worldwide Cross Border Summit 2017 May 24, 2017 London, UK Visit Website > [...]

1 12, 2016

4 Ecommerce Web Design Trends for 2017

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Guest blog post by Manas Kumar from Top Notch Dezigns Every one business wishes to make the lasting presence online with a help of impressive scalable and simply navigable websites. The business sites find out the credibility of enterprise offer the mechanism to engage best with the prospective leads and to act as around clock salesperson for business. Even statistics look to weigh in the heavily towards lots of advantages of well designed site. Nearly 48% of users cited website designs to be most crucial factor while deciding credibility and importance of enterprise. Take closer look and you will find out ninety four percent of the web visitors abandoning the website simply due to its design and layout. These stats are clearly reflecting the significance of the web designs. As website owner, it is amongst you are prime responsibilities to select visually stunning layouts for you are business site. Which website design trends should you particularly pay attention to in the year 2017? In the last twenty years, the web design has undergone fast development, which has been characterized by the technological advances and the [...]

14 11, 2016

7 Times Amazon Sellers May Need Legal Help

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Guest blog by CJ from Amazon Sellers' Lawyer Amazon Seller Account Problems? Hitting a wall with your Amazon appeal? While Amazon seller forums are great resources for smaller issues, it’s not easy to get clear answers about how to deal with account suspensions, appeals or suspensions from intellectual property right accusations. But how do you know when it’s time to get legal help? No lawyer can (or should) guarantee that your account or listing will be reinstated. That’s always up to Amazon. However, a lawyer experienced in working with Amazon sellers may give you a better chance at reinstatement than might have on your own. Here are seven good reasons to reach out to a lawyer to help you with your Amazon problems. 1. When your account is suspended. Your first request for reinstatement usually starts at the Seller Performance or Product Quality teams. Next, it’s the Policy Team. Then, you are still suspended you can reach out to the Jeff Bezos’s team.  Every time you move up a rung, your chances of being reinstated diminish and the effects of the decisions become more permanent. [...]

31 10, 2016

Infographic: How to Grow Your Ecommerce Business With Email

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In today’s customer-centric world, email communication is essential for any ecommerce company that wants to deliver a great experience and grow revenue at the same time. This infographic courtesy of dotmailer shows you 10 email programs that can help you achieve it.

25 10, 2016

The Top 5 eBay Templates

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Writing your listings is one thing — creating a stunning page that reflects your personality and vibe as a seller is another. And with help from RepricerExpress, you can find the right eBay template to really help you take off. We’ve curated this list of these five templates that are pretty awesome right now. eBay Template Shops: Something for All Budgets We love this option because no matter how much or little you’ve got to spend, you can walk away with a professional-looking template. Heck, even if your budget is zero dollars, you can still find a template! And if there’s a premium theme your heart’s after, try it out for free before shelling out for it. If you’re looking at a custom template, prices start off at £2.99/month for the template wizard or £99.99 for a basic shop design and go up to £299.99 (one-time prices. Visit eBay Template Shop. Crazylister: Take the HTML and Run with It What we love about this one is that it offers up a bunch of HTML templates, along with giving you the option to tweak the code [...]

18 10, 2016

What is Trademark Infringement?

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Guest blog by Amazon Sellers Lawyer  A trademark is a symbol, phrase, or some other device that distinguishes ownership of a product or service.  For example, the way that McDonald’s writes the “M” and the Nike swoosh are both trademarks.  When you see either, you know what to expect. United States federal law governs trademarks.  Trademarks are described in section 32(1) of the Lanham Act a set of federal laws. A trademark is intended to stand as a mark of quality.  They can be viewed at the government’s website for the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office). People that buy products from Amazon third-party sellers' often rely on trademarks when making purchases.  When they see a trademark, buyers know they are getting quality goods even though the seller is not an authorized reseller. Trademark infringement occurs when someone takes a trademark, like the Nike swoosh, and puts it on a non-Nike shirt. If you take someone’s mark and put it on your product, that is clearly trademark infringement. What is NOT trademark violation in the United States is also clear: if you buy and [...]

12 10, 2016

[Infographic] How to Win at Amazon Seller Feedback

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Here's a great infographic courtesy of our friends at FeedbackExpress. You can find more great content at FeedbackExpress - Amazon Feedback Software

27 09, 2016

eBay Product Pages Announcement

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eBay has recently announced changes and updates intended to improve the integrity of its product pages, detailed below. eBay is built on the strength of our seller community. So we’re giving sellers the opportunity to help make sure the right products reach the right buyers every time. Effective immediately, if you see an item that doesn’t belong on an eBay product page, you can flag it to be reviewed and possibly removed. First, look for the flag symbol next to any item on an eBay product page. If you believe the item doesn’t belong on the page, click the flag symbol and “submit.” We’ll review and remove it, if necessary. Once removed, the item will still be available on the site for purchase, but will no longer be associated with this particular product. By letting us know about irrelevant items on our product pages, you’ll help buyers see the most relevant listings. Plus, you’ll improve the eBay experience for everyone in our community. Here’s how to find product pages on eBay: From any listing that has a corresponding product page, you’ll see a “See more…” [...]

15 09, 2016

Lucid Interactive Launches FeedbackExpress, Amazon Feedback Software

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Lucid Interactive has announced the release of its new automated Amazon feedback software, FeedbackExpress. Lucid has been providing ecommerce solutions to Amazon sellers for over 13 years including its multichannel solution, SellerExpress, and its Amazon repricing software, RepricerExpress. FeedbackExpress is a powerful, cloud-based software solution that helps Amazon sellers automate and manage their feedback communication with buyers. The software is proven to help sellers get more positive feedback and product reviews as well as removing any negative and neutral feedback quickly and effectively—with better seller metrics, sellers can win more Buy Box at higher profit margins. If you receive a negative feedback on your Amazon account, FeedbackExpress will alert you right away via SMS and email. You’ll benefit from professionally copywritten feedback and product review requests that are proven to increase feedback quantity and quality. You can even protect your seller rating by excluding specific buyers or products. Currently Amazon UK and US marketplaces are supported with plans to add further marketplaces in the near future. Our customer support team is available via live chat, email ( and telephone to answer any queries you may [...]