have announced a content creation service that allows sellers to create product listings for items that do not already exist on Good news if you are looking to increase the amount of products you can offer your buyers. There are some categories deemed not relevant to, tools, furniture, white goods/major appliances and grocery products, but the far greater selection of categories you can create listings for makes this the best time to list your products on have provided content creation templates for categories including clothes, accessories and footwear; media such as DVDs, CDs, Blu-ray, Video Games and Books; and non-media items like gifts and gadgets, toys, baby products, office products, computing, electronic and mobile. The templates follow a predictable pattern, particularly if you have experience of using a SellerExpress Stock Import file. Product title, barcode/ISBN and description are standard across all templates with additional technical, safety or sizing details for items requiring such detail. Images can be linked to or uploaded to Play’s FTP site. When you have the template filled you email it to Play’s Content Team, who can also check a list or barcodes/ISBN (or any other widely used identifier) before you submit to ensure a listing does not already exist.

If you aren’t currently selling on now is the time to consider it. New products created on can easily be added to your SellerExpress account, then managed using the updating and order processing methods you’re used to. SellerExpress can automatically list your existing products on with the inventory splitter dividing your stock across all your marketplaces to help you reach more customers while reducing your chances of overselling. For more information on adding to your SellerExpress account contact us here

If you are new to SellerExpress and would like to find out how to manage your stock across as well as Amazon and eBay, sign up for your free 30 day trial at the following link