eBay has recently announced changes and updates intended to improve the integrity of its product pages, detailed below.

eBay is built on the strength of our seller community. So we’re giving sellers the opportunity to help make sure the right products reach the right buyers every time.

Effective immediately, if you see an item that doesn’t belong on an eBay product page, you can flag it to be reviewed and possibly removed.

First, look for the flag symbol next to any item on an eBay product page.

eBay product page

If you believe the item doesn’t belong on the page, click the flag symbol and “submit.” We’ll review and remove it, if necessary. Once removed, the item will still be available on the site for purchase, but will no longer be associated with this particular product.

eBay product

By letting us know about irrelevant items on our product pages, you’ll help buyers see the most relevant listings. Plus, you’ll improve the eBay experience for everyone in our community.

Here’s how to find product pages on eBay:

From any listing that has a corresponding product page, you’ll see a “See more…” link at the top. Clicking that link will take you to the product page for that item.

eBay product page

Source: eBay.com