Design is crucial for staying afloat in the increasingly competitive world of ecommerce. Any ecommerce business owner who has done their homework knows that a site’s design has far-reaching consequences on customers’ trust and perceptions of a brand. But did you know it can also work in subtle ways to boost your conversion rates?

Experimenting with current trends in ecommerce design is a great way to test the waters and optimize your site. If you tend to be skeptical of trends as groundless, bandwagon hype, consider this: if successful brands are already using some of these design elements, do you really think a dud would pass by the scrutiny of their rigorous testing?

Of course, a design elements success elsewhere does not absolve you from testing it yourself before implementing it across your website. But because design trends tend to appear in response to consumer attitudes and behaviors, trying out these trends for your own store can give you valuable metrics and insights.

The following infographic from WhatsTheHost breaks down seven current ecommerce design trends and why they work. Check it out and consider whether any of these design elements could work for your store: