Take control of your automatic repricing strategy on Amazon

Amazon Auto Pricing (AKA Intelligent Pricing or Dynamic Pricing) allows you to maximise your sales without sacrificing your margins.

SellerExpress Amazon Repricing

Price by your rules

Amazon repricing software that’s—sophisticated yet simple to use. Auto Repricing (AKA Intelligent Pricing or Dynamic Pricing) allows you to maximise your sales without sacrificing your margins. Our dynamic pricing features puts you in complete control of how your products are automatically repriced on Amazon Marketplace, Amazon SellerCentral and Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA). RepricerExpress has more features than any other software allowing you to customise your pricing strategy to your individual preferences and to ensure that you achieve the highest volume of sales at the best possible margin. Plus our hosted price checking option means you do not need to have you PC switched on for price checking to work. Let our servers do the work for you.

Auto repricing allows you to maximise your sales without sacrificing your margins. Customise your pricing strategy to your individual preferences to achieve the highest volume of sales at the best possible margin.

  • Convert your prices from your currency into the destination marketplace currency before repricing.
  • Override auto pricing and manually set price for any item.
  • Set different rules for each marketplace or same for all marketplaces.
  • Dynamic automatic pricing available for Amazon UK, France, Germany, USA, Spain and Italy.
  • Set your bottom/ lowest/ cost or base price- your price will never fall below this price.
  • Always sell above your minimum profit margin.
  • Set your maximum or ceiling price- never sell above this price. Stops your auto pricing setting prices which are too high.
  • Set maximum price change- this stops other sellers from trying to pull your prices down.
  • Automatically increases your price where possible to increase your profit.
  • Price check used against new i.e. compete against new price on used products if new price is lower than the used price.
  • Take your shipping costs into consideration on price checking. This is particularly important when price checking for international orders.
  • Fastest repricing available from any marketplace software.
  • Set your VAT and shipping preferences by individual product formats
  • View competitor info- Easy access to competitor info such as pricing, stock levels and ratings.

Compare Amazon repricers

  1. Lowest new and used priced displayed when you are adding or viewing products to help you make an informed decision about how to price your product
  2. Option to view all competitor prices, seller rating, availability and stock levels when adding or viewing an individual product. You can also set your products not compete against individual sellers.
  3. View all competitors by each Amazon Marketplace e.g. Amazon UK, Amazon Germany, Amazon France, etc
  4. Set which Amazon sellers you do not wish to price check against. You can do this by individual marketplace.
  5. Best price option allows you to price check against next lowest price if you cannot compete against the absolute lowest price. This helps your price stay competitive even if you can’t achieve the lowest price.
  6. Only compete against sellers who have a particular number of units in stock.
  7. Control how frequently you would like to run price checking on Amazon UK, France, and Germany.
  • Individual pricing rules for individual marketplace.
  • Unlimited number of pricing rules for each marketplace.
  • Set up pricing rules by condition, format, category, department or supplier per individual marketplace. Your pricing strategy can be as simple or as sophisticated as you want.
  • Set minimum and maximum prices – Set the maximum price change (by percentage or fixed amount) – Set how much to beat your competitor’s price by (percentage or fixed) – Automatically raise your prices when appropriate to help you achieve best possible margin.

Take your repricing to the next level—24/7

RepricerExpress offers a cloud-based ‘virtual repricer’ option so you can run repricing 24/7 and without the need to have your computer on.

SellerExpress virtual hosted auto repricing

Reprice 24/7 with a virtual repricer

You can run repricing from your desktop with any of our standard subscription options. But we also go the extra mile to give you ‘Virtual Repricing’ – a hosted solution which runs your repricing from an online server. No need to have you computer switched on to run repricing!

  • Fast internet connection for pricing calls.
  • PC doesn’t get shut down (whereas your office PC may get shut down/windows updates etc).
  • Not using any of your bandwidth.
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