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SellerExpress allows you to list, synchronise and automate your inventory across eBay, Amazon and your own webstore from one central hub, allowing you to save time, maximise sales, minimize overselling and increase profits.


Manage your stock across Amazon, eBay and your webstore.

Our inventory management software makes it easy to manage your stock levels on multiple marketplaces. When a product is sold on one marketplace, SellerExpress will automatically update your stock levels on all other marketplaces.

  • Automatically synchronise your inventory across all your marketplaces.
  • Enter product information once and list on all your channels.
  • View product info for all marketplaces on a single page.
  • Set the minimum quantity an item must have to be listed on each marketplace. Listings are automatically removed when stock falls below this number helping you reduce overselling and refunds.
  • Set individual shipping preferences for individual marketplaces. Determine which countries you would like to ship to and from which marketplaces.

SellerExpress gives you complete control over your inventory and your marketplaces helping increase service levels and sales whilst reducing costs and negative feedback.

Synchronise your inventory.

SellerExpress allows you to list your entire inventory across multiple marketplaces without the headache of managing your stock levels.

When a product is sold on one marketplace, SellerExpress will quickly and automatically update your stock levels on all marketplaces. This ensures your inventory has maximum exposure whilst minimising the risk of overselling.

Synchronise your stock


Optimise and split your available stock across multiple marketplaces.

Choose what percentage of stock gets listed on each marketplace and reduce over-selling, refunds and negative feedback.

SellerExpress Inventory SplitterListing the same product on many marketplaces will obviously increase your sales. But it also increases your chances of over-selling, refunds and negative feedback. So how do you maximise your sales whilst minimising your refunds? SellerExpress gives you an innovative ‘inventory splitter’ tool which allows you to set what percentage of stock to be listed on which marketplaces. Using this tool, you can set the percentage of stock you would like to list on each marketplace.

Integrate your webstore inventory with eBay and Amazon.

SellerExpress provides a fast, easy way to centrally control your stock levels across every supported channel.

Integration with Magento, Bigcommerce, Volusion and ekmPowershop allows you to manage your inventory from one single location. Click on the links below for more information on how SellerExpress integrates your ecommerce webstore with Amazon and eBay and allows you to reach millions more customers—in an instant.

Get your stock imported with super fast features.

SellerExpress allows you to auto import and bulk import your inventory listings from Amazon and eBay as well as supported webstores.

YouTube Icon for SellerExpressBulk Import Your Stock

SellerExpress gives you the choice to import your listings from Amazon, eBay, ekmPowershop, Magento, Volusion and Bigcommerce. Or you can import your inventory using a CSV/spreadsheet file.

YouTube Icon for SellerExpressRapid Data Entry/ Add New Products

List your products faster than ever with our auto data entry feature. Simply scan or enter the product barcode or ISBN and SellerExpress will retrieve product information for you.

YouTube Icon for SellerExpressIntegration with Existing Systems

We understand that you may already have existing systems in place which you need to work with any new systems. SellerExpress enables you to import your stock via CSV files and you can export orders to excel. We can also automate the process of inventory import, orders export and order status import.

YouTube Icon for SellerExpressImport/ Export Your Listings from Amazon to eBay

If you are already selling on Amazon and would like to start selling on eBay you can import your listings from Amazon and auto export these to eBay. And if you are selling on eBay and would like to start selling on Amazon, you can import your stock from eBay and quickly list on Amazon.

Product Multi-Variations

SellerExpress has full support for products with multi-variations or parent child products (e.g. size or colour) and helps you easily launch and manage your multi-variation listings across your selling channels.

SellerExpress has full support for products with multi-variations, e.g. different colours and sizes
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