Order Processing

Order processing is perhaps one of the most labour intensive parts of running a marketplace business. So we designed the order processing module in SellerExpress to be as intuitive as possible; it gives you all the features and functionality you need to turbo-charge your order processing.

Faster and more accurate order processing to improve customer satisfaction, reduce labour costs and increase your seller performance ratings.

Reach millions more customers by selling across Amazon, eBay and Rakuten UK as well as your own ecommerce store

Amazon and eBay order processing is consolidated in one screen

  • Orders automatically downloaded from all marketplaces. View and bulk process all your orders on a single screen.
  • View and process orders by zero stock, in-stock or all orders.
  • Batch process orders in a single click.
  • Direct link to order info on Amazon Marketplace or eBay.
  • Shipping status automatically uploaded to Amazon or eBay.
  • Combines multiple orders from same customer.
  • Refunds automatically processed on each marketplace. Refund full order or partial order.
  • Domestic and international shipping settings.
  • Easily search and find old orders.
  • Set-up customised automatic customer emails.
  • Orders appear on dashboard with prompts for orders which may need attention.
  • Create off-line orders for telephone orders, etc.
  • Customisable picking lists, packing slips/ invoices and shipping labels.
  • Allows you to pick by individual invoice or using a picking list
  • Inventory levels automatically updated across all marketplaces.
  • Add seller notes to individual orders for your own reference.
  • Export orders to a spreadsheet for further processing/ purchase ordering.

Picking list and options

The order picking function in SellerExpress gives you a wide range of customising options to allow you to set up your picking process the way you want it. It is simple to use but has all the sophistication you need.

SellerExpress offers a picking list option

YouTube Icon for SellerExpressInvoices and mailing labels

The invoicing feature in SellerExpress allows you to easily customise your invoicing and mailing labels to your individual preferences.

YouTube Icon for SellerExpressAuto emails

Keep your customers up to date, improve customer service and help increase your seller ratings with automatic emails in SellerExpress.

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