ShipWorks Multi-carrier Shipping Integration with UPS, USPS and FedEx

ShipWorks Shipping Integration Software for your Multichannel US Orders

ShipWorks multi-carrier shipping software integrates into SellerExpress so multichannel orders can be shipped by FedEx®, USPS, UPS and many others.

ShipWorks allows you to connect your multichannel US orders from Amazon, eBay and your own online store to SellerExpress for even faster and more streamlined shipping. You can download your orders, create shipping labels, manage customers and emails, and update the online status of each order.

By using ShipWorks through SellerExpress, you can now have your orders automatically exporting to a shipping platform that currently supports the following carriers:

View our current help file to get more detail about how to set up ShipWorks with SellerExpress.

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