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SellerExpress is the leading marketplace management software for Amazon and eBay sellers — you can reach a vast number of potential customers on multiple Amazon and eBay sites. Import your inventory once and synchronise across your chosen channels, choose what percentage of stock sells on which channels, use advanced auto repricing on Amazon to increase your sales. Rapid data entry and an intuitive single dashboard allows you to manage your entire inventory from one online system, SellerExpress.

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The Amazon Marketplace continues to break e-commerce records and offers merchants one of the fastest ways to increase sales and profits. With over 188m customers on tap worldwide, it is a selling platform that all serious merchants must consider. SellerExpress makes the process of launching on Amazon Marketplace as quick and simple as possible and our automation tools make managing your business on Amazon a breeze.

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eBay is the world’s largest marketplace and continues to offer you fantastic sales and profit potential. SellerExpress is a fully accredited eBay application and all of our staff possess a wealth of experience to helping you get the most from this marketplace.

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