Amazon inventory management in SellerExpress.

Get your existing inventory quickly imported, listed, synchronised and auto repriced

SellerExpress integrates with Amazon UK, Amazon US, Amazon Germany, Amazon France, Amazon Canada and Amazon Japan

SellerExpress currently integrates with these Amazon marketplaces:
UK, US, Germany, France, Canada and Japan

The Amazon Marketplace continues to break e-commerce records and offers merchants one of the fastest ways to increase sales and profits. With over 188m customers on tap worldwide, it is a selling platform that all serious merchants must consider. SellerExpress makes the process of launching on Amazon Marketplace as quick and simple as possible and our automation tools make managing your business on Amazon a breeze. Enjoy an all-in-one Amazon inventory management and repricing solution that connects your stock to your ecommerce website and eBay channels.

Get your inventory on Amazon fast.

Bulk import/export, list and edit
your listings.

You can bulk import your inventory from eBay and your webstore or from a csv file and list on Amazon. SellerExpress can also import your existing listings from Amazon. Once your stock is live on Amazon, SellerExpress can bulk revise and update your pricing and stock information on your listings.

We’ll help create Amazon listings
and products.

If the products you sell are not already listed on Amazon, we can help get your products added to the Amazon catalogue. You’ll need a unique barcode for any new products you wish to add. You can get barcodes by visiting GS1 UK.

Product multi-variations supported.

Our multi-variation support for Amazon marketplace listings will save you time and money by allowing you to create one listing for all your variations for a product- this speeds up the listing process.

SellerExpress has full support for products with multi-variations, e.g. different colours and sizes

Handle your sales across multiple Amazon international sites with ease.

SellerExpress provides you with the tools to manage selling internationally and on more marketplaces—in turn, helping you increase your sales. We currently support Amazon UK, USA, Germany, France, Japan and Canada.

Currency conversion

We also have full featured multi-currency support so you can enter your inventory in your base currency and SellerExpress will automatically convert your listings to the destination marketplace currency.

Amazon order processing

SellerExpress enables you to automate your order processing for your Amazon sales. You can view more information on Amazon order processing here.

Amazon European Unified Account

SellerExpress supports Amazon European (Unified) Accounts for Amazon UK, Germany & France, with support for Italy and Spain coming soon.
We would strongly recommend that you discuss the pros and cons with Amazon Seller Support—Visiting the FAQs regarding Amazon European Accounts is a good resource on the subject. You can find further details on how to set-up the European Unified Account in SellerExpress in our help article.

Synchronise your inventory

SellerExpress allows you to list your entire inventory across multiple marketplaces without the headache of managing your stock levels. When a product is sold on one marketplace, SellerExpress will quickly and automatically update your stock levels on all marketplaces.
This ensures your inventory has maximum exposure whilst minimising the risk of overselling.

Inventory Splitter

Optimise Your Stock Across Multiple Marketplaces.

Listing the same product on many marketplaces will obviously increase your sales. But it also increases your chances of over-selling, refunds and negative feedback. So how do you maximise your sales whilst minimising your refunds?

SellerExpress gives you an innovative ‘inventory splitter’ tool which allows you to set what percentage of stock to be listed on which marketplaces. Using this tool, you can set the percentage of stock you would like to list on each marketplace.

Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) listings and auto repricing completely supported.

SellerExpress helps you manage your Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) listings and your auto repricing for FBA stock.

  • Ability to convert Merchant Fulfilled listings to FBA fulfilled. This delists item from Marketplace when it is shipped into Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA)
  • SellerExpress will retrieve stock levels for any items you have listed in FBA to give visibility of Fulfilled by Amazon stock levels.
  • FBA stock quantities updated daily.
  • Auto repricing will reprice against products listed on Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA)

Amazon Auto Repricing

Auto repricing allows you to maximise your sales without sacrificing your margins. Customise your pricing strategy to your individual preferences to achieve the highest volume of sales at the best possible margin.

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