SellerExpress fully integrates with eBay

Get your existing inventory quickly imported, synchronised and auto repriced

SellerExpress integrates with eBay UK, eBay US, eBay Germany, eBay France, eBay Australia, eBay Ireland, eBay Italy and eBay Spain.SellerExpress currently integrates with these eBay marketplaces:
UK, US, Germany, France, Australia, Ireland, Italy and Spain

eBay is the world’s largest marketplace and continues to offer you fantastic sales and profit potential. SellerExpress is a fully accredited eBay application and all of our staff possess a wealth of experience to helping you get the most from this marketplace. SellerExpress offers fast eBay integration with your ecommerce site and other marketplaces like Amazon.

Get your listings on eBay fast.

Bulk import/export, list and edit
your listings.

You can bulk import your inventory from Amazon and your webstore or from a csv file and list on eBay. SellerExpress can also import your existing listings from eBay. Once your stock is live on eBay, SellerExpress can bulk revise and update your pricing and stock information on your listings.

Product multi-variations supported.

Our multi-variation for eBay marketplaces can save you time and money by allowing you to create one listing for all your variations for a product—this speeds up the listing process and reduces your listing fees.
SellerExpress has full support for products with multi-variations, e.g. different colours and sizes

Create you eBay listings
faster than ever.

The listing feature in SellerExpress automates the process of getting your products listed and scheduled on eBay allowing you to easily create more listings in less time.

Save time with Profiles.

Profiles allow you to save commonly used information so that it can be easily re-used with duplicate data entry. This saves you loads of time, reduces errors and helps you get more listings live faster. Profiles make the job of listing large amounts of similar products on eBay easier. Profiles allow you to group products easily for pricing rules and to use the one profile as a template for many products. For example if you have a large amount of new DVDs you can create a DVD profile and set the sale type, listing template, condition, duration, shipping values etc once. You can then apply this profile to all DVDs saving you time.

Handle your sales across multiple eBay international sites with ease.

SellerExpress provides you with the tools to manage selling internationally and on more marketplaces—in turn, helping you increase your sales. We currently support eBay UK, USA, Germany, France, Australia, Ireland, Italy and Spain.

Currency conversion

We also have full featured multi-currency support so you can enter your inventory in your base currency and SellerExpress will automatically convert your listings to the destination marketplace currency.

eBay Auction and ‘Buy it now’ (BIN) listings supported.

SellerExpress supports eBay listing types without additional configuration—simple choose the listing type that works best for you.

eBay order processing

SellerExpress enables you to automate your order processing for your eBay sales. You can view more information on eBay order processing here.

Synchronise your inventory

SellerExpress allows you to list your entire inventory across multiple marketplaces without the headache of managing your stock levels. When a product is sold on one marketplace, be it eBay, Amazon or your own webstore, SellerExpress will quickly and automatically update your stock levels on all marketplaces—ensuring your products have maximum exposure with a minimised risk of overselling.

Enhance your eBay listings.

Standard templates and custom
templates supported.

You can use the standard templates in SellerExpress or if you would like custom design templates, SellerExpress is fully compatible with Frooition, eSellerSolutions and WIDShop.

Free image hosting

All SellerExpress accounts give you free image hosting to help you showcase your products on eBay. Images can also be imported from your existing webstores to be used on eBay.

Auto feedback and emails.

Auto feedback.

SellerExpress saves you time by automatically leaving feedback for your buyers. You can store positive feedback and SellerExpress will auto generate this for your buyers.

Auto emails.

SellerExpress will automatically send confirmation emails to your customers to help you improve communications, customer service and to boost your seller ratings.

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