SellerExpress is offering a 20% discount to any new clients who trial their multi channel retail software during the Wimbledon fortnight.

SellerExpress’s easy to use software allows retailers to manage their sales efficiently across a wide range of online marketplace including eBay, Amazon, Rakuten Play; and own store eCommerce platforms such as ekmpowershop, BigCommerce, Magento and Volusion.

John Hayes, a non-executive director at the Derry-based firm said: “The summer months are traditionally a time when online sales take a dip. It is during these months that online sellers need to be looking at ways to optimise their businesses—ensuring they have the right software in place to manage their retail business when things start to get busy is essential.

“Trialling SellerExpress shouldn’t mean missing out on the summer. We believe the process of setting up your account and listing your products via the SellerExpress system is so simple, you could easily do it in front of the television while watching the tennis. A glass of Pimms is optional.”

The 20% discount is available to all new SellerExpress trialists during the Wimbledon fortnight and will be discounted from the first two-months paid subscription.

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