SellerExpress were recently invited to an eBay Ireland Academy masterclass on Becoming a Top Seller Online. The masterclass covered the benefits and requirements of Top Rated Seller status, steps you could take to improve your performance and how SellerExpress can help you achieve Top Rated Seller status.

For anyone not able to attend the masterclass, here is a summary of How SellerExpress Can Help You Achieve Top Rated Seller Status.

SellerExpress Can Speed Up Listing Your Items and Increase Your Sales

Speed up listing on eBay using profiles in SellerExpress. Your profile will contain the bulk of you listing information for a particular type of product. You can create as many profiles as needed to cover every type of product you sell, including variations for all conditions of that product. Increase sales by listing across multiple marketplaces and the inventory splitter will automatically handle your stock quantities, revising each marketplace as items sell overall. Rapid data entry allows you to list faster than ever as SellerExpress will automatically retrieve most of the product information for you. Use straightforward CSV imports to add the additional information, such as cost price and quantity, to all your products at once. As many of these tasks are automated or managed in bulk, the amount of time you spend listing your items, then maintaining the individual listings, is decreased for all marketplaces.

SellerExpress Can Help You Provide a High Level of Service and Maintain Positive Feedback

SellerExpress has a full order management system that allows you to process orders for all the marketplaces you sell on from one account. You can create custom pick lists to ensure the order processing suits your individual methods. Invoices are completely customisable; you can decide on the layout, what information is included and add your logo and some additional informative text about your company. You can use integrated label paper and include your Royal Mail PPI label to further reduce the amount of time you spend processing allowing for faster dispatch and improved service. If an item sells on any of your marketplaces, the listing will end on eBay, reducing your chances of overselling and negative feedback.

SellerExpress Can Help You Meet and Maintain Detailed Seller Rating Targets

There are 4 Detailed Seller Ratings on eBay, Item as Described, Communication, Dispatch Rate and Postage & Packaging. SellerExpress can help you meet the targets for all of these ratings.

  • To maintain a high Item as Described set your eBay profile in SellerExpress to contain the bulk of you listing information. Item specifics will be automatically taken from the eBay catalogue, allowing you to be sure your item is as described. You can include up to 12 imaged for free, this is particularly useful for used items as you can include multiple images of the actual item for sale so the buyer knows exactly what to expect. Create a listing template in SellerExpress, or integrate your custom template, and use this to make sure your item information is well presented
  • Communication covers any interaction between you and the buyer. SellerExpress can specify a handling time per profile, allowing you to improve the chance of getting an automatic 5* rating for items with a handling time of 1 day. You can set up automatic emails to keep customers informed of the progress of their order, from received to dispatched. You can also include your customer service information on your custom template making it easy for the buyer to know what to expect when they order from you. Include this information on the packing slip too so a customer can get in touch easily if there are any issues, improving the chance of a positive communication rating on every sale.
  • To improve dispatch time orders are downloaded to SellerExpress regularly. The customised order processing allows you to dispatch quickly improving your overall rating. Once the items are marked as dispatched, SellerExpress will automatically update all your marketplaces and feedback will automatically be left on eBay for the buyer.
  • Offering free P&P will get you an automatic 5* rating, SellerExpress can create free P&P listings for you. For items with postage charges, such as items with international visibility, you can specify up to 4 shipping options per eBay profile. With 2 domestic rates and 2 international rates you will be able to offer rates to suit all buyers and increase you P&P rating.

To summarise, SellerExpress can save you time and effort by automating many of the tasks involved in selling on eBay, Amazon and PlayTrade. You pay a flat subscription per month; there are no additional commissions or charges per sale. You can try SellerExpress free for 15 days and if you would like help getting started you can request a free managed set up. You get full access to out knowledge base with help files covering all aspects of SellerExpress. Our dedicated support staff are available to help get your account set up; your order processing tailored to your needs; and your products listing on multiple marketplaces quickly and easily.

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