Do you know that 82% of all Amazon sales happen through the Buy Box and even more on mobile? Consequently, if you’re not in the Buy Box, your chances of making a sale are pretty slim.

What is the Amazon Buy Box?

There of two types of sellers on Amazon, Amazon itself, and third-party sellers.

For the majority of items, there will be a number of buying options for the buyer. When a buyer selects, “Add to Cart”, the seller who has the Buy Box at that moment in time (the Buy Box winner rotates but more about that later), gets that all important sale.

Win Amazon Buy Box

Amazon’s net revenue sales have grown steadily over the last ten years reaching almost $136 billion in 2016 with over $111 billion worth of sales coming through the Buy Box—WOW! (Source: Statista).

­So, with an estimated 82% of Amazon sales (more for mobile sales), going to the Box winner, it’s vital for sellers to know how the Buy Box works and what they can do to win a share of it.

How the Buy Box Works

The Buy Box algorithm starts by analysing each offer by all the sellers of the product. It then evaluates each offer on the basis of seller history, price and many other variables (more on those later).

After carrying out the analysis, Amazon rewards the Buy Box to what it deems as the best buying options for its customers.

Not all sellers are eligible to win the Buy Box.

Amazon no longer awards the Buy Box to one seller, but instead rotates the Buy Box between multiple sellers.

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