We know that the speed of a website is one of the major factor in the success of the site, especially ecommerce websites. Aside from the obvious factors that make people leave your website, there are numerous other things that will influence the behaviour of your website shoppers—most of the customer’s behaviours boil down to human psychology.

The behaviours are always predictive in the sense. The moment you understand perfectly the reason behind how and why people navigate and interact online, you can easily design and develop your e-commerce website on those principles. Consumer psychology is an aspect that helps you get into the heads of consumers to figure out what they buy and why.

The more ecommerce facts you know, the easier it is to build marketing campaigns that will appeal to your target demographic. The infographic below can be the eye opener that you need to understand more of the ecommerce trends and take control of your marketing in a more effective way.

65 Statistics About E-commerce Consumer Psychology

Made by: BargainFox