At SellerExpress we understand the importance of being proactive in the increasingly competitive world of online selling. A great way to help increase sales and profit is to add Additional Marketplaces. SellerExpress makes listing your existing inventory on multiple marketplaces easy; your rules can be added to all marketplaces at once; quantities can be adjusted quickly to manage your stock and minimise overselling and refunds; orders from all marketplaces can be ‘picked and packed’ together saving you time and effort.

SellerExpress currently offer 6 Amazon marketplaces – UK, USA, Germany, France, Canada and Japan, as well as offering PlayTrade. With the news of the our eBay launch, we have had lots of questions about subscribing to new marketplaces.

You need to be a Play ProTrader or Amazon ProMerchant to use SellerExpress. All marketplaces have their own rules and regulations about signing up and what is eligible for sale. These links will take you to the relevant information page for each of the marketplaces. Currently Amazon UK, France, Germany and USA offer 1 month free subscription upon signup! Check the links for their terms and to sign up.

PlayTrade – – – – – – –

Once you are registered on a marketplace, you can subscribe via My Account in SellerExpress. Then it’s just a matter of editing your settings before you are ready to sell your products to even more customers.

The following video is available to guide you through the process of Adding Marketplaces to SellerExpress.

As always, our support team are ready to answer any further questions you may have, contact us on

We look forward to hearing from you.