SellerExpress allows you to list your products quickly and easily across multiple marketplaces including eBay. You can reduce the time it takes to create eBay listings, both Auction and Buy it Now, by creating profiles once in SellerExpress then assigning them to your products for automatic creation of eBay listings.

To get you started quickly you can auto import your current listings from Amazon or PlayTrade. Once in SellerExpress you can update them, or add new products, in bulk using a straightforward CSV import file. Then it’s time to create some eBay Profiles. You can set up as many profiles as you need for the different types of products you sell, for example a CD profile, a DVD profile etc… You can include profiles for the same types of products in different conditions. Once these profiles are set up any products you have, and any you add in the future, can be assigned quickly so the majority of your listing information is already specified for all your products.

For each eBay profile you can set:

  • The Sale Type – Choose Auction or Buy it Now
  • The Sale Price – Set what price your Auction will start at, or your Buy It Now will list at, based on your cost price or the current sale price of the item. Include reserve or buy it now prices on your auctions. You can chose to add a percentage or additional amount to ensure all costs are covered when setting a price for your item
  • Listing Duration – Decide how long your item will list for
  • International Visibility – Decide if you want your product to be visible to international buyers
  • The Listing Template – Personalise your listings with your custom template, include the SellerExpress tags to ensure the profile information displays correctly in your own listing. If you do not have a custom template you can use the default SellerExpress template or use the page editor in SellerExpress to edit the default template to suit yourself.
  • Shipping – Set your dispatch time and specify the type and rates of postage you offer. You can assign up to 4 types of shipping per profile, 2 domestic options and 2 international options. You can offer free shipping by setting the amounts to 0.

Once this basic information is added to your profile you can assign more specific information, such as what eBay category the item should be listed under. You can also specify what section of your own eBay shop the item should be listed in. You can set the condition of items associated with this profile. You can also edit what percentage of your total inventory will be listed on eBay using the SellerExpress Inventory Splitter, to avoid overselling across your marketplaces.

To assign products to a profile in bulk, search My Inventory and select the appropriate profile. Then it’s listing time. When listing a product, SellerExpress will search the eBay category you have chosen in the profile, if the item exists in eBay’s catalogue your listing will be automatically filled with item specifics. If the item does not exist in eBay’s catalogue, you can search eBay from within SellerExpress and find a similar listing to gather item specifics from. You can edit any listing individually to ensure any items not fitting into one of your profiles can still list the way you want them to. You can also add up to 12 pictures, free of charge, to ensure your listings are comprehensive, helping increase your sales on eBay.

Once your profiles are created and your products are assigned, SellerExpress will create your listings on eBay. They will be managed alongside your listings on the other marketplaces you sell on, with all orders being processed together in SellerExpress using your customised pick list and invoices. When you have posted your items, mark them as dispatched in SellerExpress and all the marketplaces will be updated automatically, with feedback automatically being left on eBay. Any updates to items in SellerExpress will automatically be updated on eBay, if your cost price should change your Buy it Now and Reserve prices will update automatically to reflect this. If you sell on eBay, Amazon and PlayTrade, you can manage updating all your stock from SellerExpress and let all your marketplaces be updated automatically, saving you time and effort while increasing the amount of sales you can make.

If you want to see how easy it is to list your products across multiple marketplaces, sign up for a free 30 day trial of SellerExpress at the following link

If you have any questions, or would like further information on managing your inventory across eBay, PlayTrade and Amazon, contact us here