If you missed the SellerExpress eBay webinar on how to manage your inventory, sales and orders on ebay, now is your chance to catch up. Watch the following video to learn how to manage your inventory, sales and order processing on eBay. Find out how SellerExpress can automate many of the tasks involved to save you time and improve your seller rating.

See how to

  • Create listings in bulk and list your Amazon, PlayTrade and Magento inventory on eBay. Retrieve product info automatically for faster listing.
  • Integrate custom templates with SellerExpress profiles to achieve better results in eBay Best Match Search Result.
  • Manage orders from all marketplaces at once for faster dispatch, increased customer satisfaction and improved feedback and seller ratings

For more information on managing your inventory across eBay, Amazon, PlayTrade and your Magento web store and to sign up for your free 15 day trial, please visit www.sellerexpress.com