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Earlier this week I had the opportunity to get a look at SellerExpress multi-channel management software. Having seen many multi-channel management back ends I was pleasantly surprised at how quick it can be set up and how user friendly it is for a non-technical person.
Chris Dawson, Tamebay
Many multi-channel software packages take days if not weeks to get set up and running. Not so with SellerExpress and there’s also no steep learning curve. Once you’ve set up a free 15 day trial account you can link SellerExpress to your eBay account and download your current listings. This can take around 45 minutes depending how many listings you have live and you’re then ready to start tweaking the software and setting up things like your invoice templates.
Chris Dawson, Tamebay

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Simple to set-up, easy to use and most important of all; it increased our sales and profits. I wholeheartedly recommend the team at SellerExpress.
Brad, Rarewaves
I’m new to SellerExpress. I was immediately impressed with how advanced the software is. I’ve never seen anything as good or as easy to use as this. The email support I’ve had is very good with rapid responses to my questions. They have some great features – especially the intelligent re-pricing tool. SellerExpress makes the competitor I was using look prehistoric!!
I signed up to www.sellerexpress.com a few months back. I’m now listed on 6 Amazon Marketplace places (UK, DE, FR, US, JP, CA) and Rakuten UK. Free trial is good as it lets me play around with the system and get everything setup and the staff are amazing they really know what they are doing and very helpful during setup.
Jonathan Ryan
I have used this system for approx 10 months It is very easy to use, has saved a lot of time listing and repricing. The back up service is excellent. It is a good value excellent tool to help grow your business as it has done with mine.
Peter Black, Black Bargain Books
At Soundzdirect Ltd, we consistently provide a premium level of customer service. All of our customers enjoy swift dispatch of their orders, prompt communication and relevant advice. Customers come back to us again and again because they know that Soundzdirect Ltd is a company striving for excellence. To keep growing our business without compromising on our customer service, we turned to Seller Express. We first started using Seller Express as a way to manage our pricing on Amazon. Their amazing software allows us to simply enter our upper and lower pricing limits and Seller Express adjusts our pricing to keep us competitive and maximise sales. We recently set up our entire inventory on Seller Express and it is already proving to be a valuable tool for our company. We can share stock between our Amazon and eBay listings, which means we can increase our sales without having to spend more on stock.
I’ve used Sellerexpress on and off for a couple of years and found it a very easy to use system for selling 2nd hand CDs and DVDs. Customer support is via email which is generally answered in a couple of hours (Monday to Friday) and they are not afraid to pick up the phone and ring you if you have an issue. What I really like is they don’t charge a percentage of your sales — you pay for the web system and pricecheck and that’s it — no hidden charges. I’d strongly recommend anyone to give this a go — set up is really easy or they even will do it for you. I’ve seen an increase in sales using their system and the price check keeps you competitive against the big sellers.
Used Sales
We have been using SellerExpress in conjunction with one of our customers for the past three months now. It is very user friendly and, for the price compared to some of its competitors, it is amazing value for money. Also the support is fantastic with very speedy responses to any problems or questions. We hope to be using this tool to expand our business in the near future.
Ian Ayling
I have been really impressed with SellerExpress which we use on Amazon. It is a web based service which is always a bonus allowing access from anywhere and preventing repricing issues if your computer goes down. It also allows repricing including shipping, a vital feature which some software is critically missing. There are many advanced functions within Seller Express and the support team are very quick and helpful. They also seem to be in continuous development introducing new features as requested by their users which is very important. Cannot recommend them enough.
Signed up, imported my Amazon UK listings, few configurations around pricing etc and their system takes care of uploads, downloads, auto pricing 😉 etc which has saved me so much time otherwise I won’t have gone near the other marketplaces as the time involved to load inventory and look after orders was to much. I now have one system loading my inventory across all the marketplaces and one system for order processing and an automatic pricing tool which is a life saver. Woo hooo!
Steve Maxwell
Wow! sums it all up. Seller Express has transformed my business. I now have over 10,000 Amazon listings and dont have to worry about pricing or stock levels. I could never keep control of all these products without Seller Express and belive me over the years and working for various different companies I have tried all the different software companies. Channel Advisor and Eseller Pro our “Expensive” so called experts in thier field do not compare. They take part of your profits as payment for thier service, a percentage that none of us in ecommerce can afford to lose, the mark ups are so tiny anyway. Also I have found with these other companies there is no individualism. When introducing any new software there can be teething problems but the Support I recieve from Seller Express is fantastic. I have never been left waiting more that a couple of hours, everyone is very friendly and has full knowledge of the system.
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