Terapeak is the leader in ecommerce market analytics, dedicated to helping online merchants grow their business and become more profitable. Terapeak distils and makes sense of big data sets, to provide customers with market insights that can be used to discover new and emerging opportunities. It delivers market intelligence that is both meaningful and actionable.

Through a partnership with Terapeak, SellerExpress is pleased to offer all customers three widgets for free within the application: Retail Demand, Title Builder and Check Results—now SellerExpress users can access detailed marketplace information about listings directly within their account.

Retail Demand

Retail Demand shows sales information for a product over the last 30 days.

Title Builder

Title Builder helps you build your title and provides users with the number of sellers and average price based on a number of analysed titles. The widget gives recommendations on how you can optimise your eBay product titles.

Check Results

Check Results shows the eBay.com listings matching your search term.

Paid Subscriptions

If you wish to unlock other widgets, you need to sign-up for a paid Terapeak account through the links provided.

For further information on pricing, see Terapeak Plans.

Please note, Terapeak information within SellerExpress is only available for listings which have a valid barcode and title and is currently unavailable for Internet Explorer users.