The value of a good product page cannot be stated enough. Many sellers mistakenly think it’s so buyers can have an easy time navigating their page, but in actuality, a well-designed product page serves the purpose of getting potential buyers to your page. SellerExpress knows that in order to get to the top, you have to build a solid foundation, so we’re going to explore how you can decode the mysteries behind eBay’s Cassini search engine to maximum benefit.

It’s Quality Instead of Quantity Now

Remember the old days of writing listings and trying to cram as many keywords in there as possible? Cassini will largely put an end to that, as the algorithm behind it is now more sophisticated and can discern between quality and quantity. This little list involves some of the things you may have been guilty of in the past, and should probably think about amending.

  • Keyword stuffing: This is the practice of putting in as many keywords in as possible until you’ve used up all the characters allowed, regardless of whether buyers would find it relevant. The old thinking was that the more you entirely covered your bases, the higher eBay would bump you up in search rankings.
    What to do instead: Focus on the order of your keywords by putting the most important information first, and use precisely the number of keywords that describe your product — not more, and certainly not less.
  • Item specifics: When you’re writing up a product listing, pay close attention to all the boxes with checkmarks and don’t pass over them because you’ve already got them in the title/description. These are important and you’ll want to make sure your listing registers a hit in every available space.
    Pro tip: You can add an item if you find it’s not there.
  • Categories: Selling an item that’s a little ambiguous as to what category it fits into? Old practice would have dictated to put it into multiple categories. Now, though, Cassini is smarter and places more value on relevance.
    What to do instead: Think carefully about the category your product fits into and whether or not you’re trying to broaden your reach by selecting more than one category. The goal is to be accurate and precise, not toss out a large fishing net and hope it comes up full.

Seller Feedback Matters Now More Than Ever

For a while, you may have thought that one or two lousy reviews wouldn’t harm you in the grand scheme of things. Maybe you’d have a slightly lower rating than you’d like, but that wouldn’t knock you down in the search rankings…would it?

Before, the answer would have been ‘probably not’ but as you can guess, that’s changed to a ‘yes’. Cassini is strongly geared toward the buyer, which means you have to really focus on having a sterling reputation. Let the bad reviews pile up — or have an open resolution case or compliance notice — and Cassini will place you lower in the search.

And time really isn’t on your side if this happens.

Let’s say you act super quickly and work on closing all open cases. Even if this takes a day, how many potential sales have you lost out on because you were ranked X spots lower than usual? This also applies to fixing negative feedback — have you done everything in your power to make things right with the buyer, or have you simply swallowed one sub-par review? And have you considered the following as a way to keep customers happier?

  • Free shipping
  • An excellent return policy
  • Fast response time to questions
  • Offering discounts or sales
  • Competitive prices
  • 1-day processing time
  • Several good-quality images

Being an online seller in today’s world sure isn’t easy, and we can sympathise with everything that’s being thrown at you. With the landscape constantly shifting, there’s one thing you can rely on to stay steady and that’s SellerExpress. When you request your free demo, you get a product that’s consistent and easy to use, helps you increase sales, profits and feedback, and gives you that extra edge in reaching for superstardom in ecommerce.