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Introducing Springboard Services for SellerExpress users. Allow our specialist team to fast-track your setup and presence on multiple channels, to create and optimise your listings for maximum sales and to be your professional partner in multichannel selling.

Product creation and optimisation for Amazon, eBay and Rakuten's

Product Creation

Creating quality product listings is the foundation of successful sales on third party marketplaces and should be performed using best practices. It’s an area of online selling you’ll want to perform right first time to avoid the need to re-create product listings in the future, and it’s an area where specialist help from the SellerExpress onboarding team can prove invaluable. More >

Multichannel marketplace setup for Amazon, eBay and Rakuten's

Marketplace Accounts Setup

Gain access to over 300 million active customers on Amazon, eBay and Rakuten UK with expert setup on these major marketplaces with our Springboard team—we can assist with account setup, offer advice on which countries to start with, and of course, we can ensure that all your listings are full integrated within SellerExpress for full multichannel selling. More >

Bespoke integration for multichannel ecommerce

Bespoke Integration

Typically our bespoke services involve integrating SellerExpress with your existing in-house systems or your suppliers’ systems, e.g. importing your stock file, exporting orders and importing status files on a daily basis, however, our developers are experienced in all kinds of bespoke integration so simply tell us what you need, to see if we can help. More >

SellerExpress multichannel ecommerce training—online and on-site

Training (On-site and Online)

Need multi-channel training in using SellerExpress? Our Springboard team can assist with personal on-site training if required or engage with your staff remotely to guide you through all aspects of SellerExpress. More >

Multichannel ecommerce consultancy


Need a visit from one of the SellerExpress e-consultants—they can engage with you in a consultation process to analyse your business needs, helping you make the right choices in setting up or integrating a multichannel sales infrastructure into your company. More >

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Start Selling on eBay With the Right Setup

Our Springboard Services for eBay sellers focus on ensuring your setup and presence are implemented correctly, so you can maximise sales through optimised listings and a professionally designed store presence.

Multichannel marketplace setup for Amazon, eBay and Rakuten's

Managed eBay Account Setup

Take the hassle out of setting up your eBay presence and listings with our managed eBay Marketplace Setup. By using our team of experts you’ll gain access to this huge marketplace in a fast and professional manner and you’ll have your listings fully integrated into SellerExpress to fully exploit multichannel opportunities. More >

eBay template design

eBay Template Design

It’s not just what you list on eBay but how that information is presented that will positively impact your bottom line. Increase your sales with a completely bespoke and professionally designed eBay template that can showcase your products for maximum conversion and sales.  More >

eBay store and template setup

eBay Store and Template Setup

Build trust and confidence with a professionally branded eBay store design and setup. eBay stores are a proven way to increase sales of your inventory by building trust and confidence in your company. Our onboarding experts and designers can quickly create your eBay store and build your brand into a custom designed template.  More >

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Amazon inventory management with SellerExpress

Get your eBay inventory quickly imported and synchronised for multichannel selling

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