Guest blog post by Victor Levitin, CEO & Co-founder of CrazyLister

When my co-founder Max and I first launched our ecommerce business on eBay, Amazon and our webstore, we were shy about the fact that we were actually two guys working from our parents’ apartments. We desperately tried to convey a “million dollar business” feeling through our product listings.

Even our customer service voice was always: “We are happy to help,” rather than: “I’m happy to help” – we thought it would make the customers feel comfortable, thinking that there was a big outfit taking care of their business.

Well – we were absolutely, utterly wrong…

A few years later, reading Alex Turnbull’s blog, I was impressed with the transparency in his posts—he was spilling all the details about his businesses, from numbers through tactics to strategies. And it immediately made me respect and trust him.

Let me ask you a question—where do you feel you’ll get a better service: With huge retailers such as Walmart and BestBuy, or at a small store where the CEO is the one who packages your product and provides the customer support?

For Walmart, you’re only one out of millions, for the small seller—you are one of a few, and his business actually greatly relies on you being happy!

What I’m saying is—stop hiding behind your business! Very often do I see a small time online seller adding the feeling of a “million dollar” business to their online presence, and never mentioning the fact that they are in fact a one/few men show.

However, as I mentioned a few lines before, there is magic in truth and transparency—in today’s noisy world, you want to be as honest and as transparent as possible.

Take a look at this eBay listing


This guy is showing you himself, his wife and his children! He is definitely being open and honest. I would have no hesitation clicking the “buy it now” button on his listing. I trust him!

In a sense, this seller was the first to do the “leap of faith”, he showed himself to me, which builds trust in my eyes, and so I feel safe trusting him back.

On the other side, when you are hiding behind pompous declarations and images of huge imaginary warehouses and airplanes—you require me to make the FIRST move, to put my trust in you before showing me any reason to trust you. (Everybody can add generic images of cargo airplanes, warehouses and “100% satisfaction” seals)

Always put yourself in your potential customers’ shoes, think about what will entice trust, why should he trust you within the first six seconds looking at your listing? (This is all the time that you have, I’ve written about it here).

Sellers may say, “That’s a privacy hack.”

Give me one good reason not to show your face to potential customers? Take it to the real world, what if store clerks hid behind the counter and presented a sign instead, stating “Please trust me, I’m a big and respectful business.” Humans react fast and positively to faces in general – we react much better and faster to images than to words. Instead of asking your customers to trust you with words, just put yourself out there—they will trust you just because of the fact that you placed your face on your business. It means that you stand behind it and will not disappear after they put their trust in you.

And of course, actually do stand behind your business! Presenting yourself, your staff and your location to the potential customers is setting high expectations—be sure to live up to them!

Happy selling!

About the author

Victor LevitinVictor Levitin is the CEO & Co-founder of CrazyLister (The easiest way to create professional eBay listings) who loves eCommerce and skiing.