Shopify, founded in 2004 in order to power the ecommerce solution of a snowboarding shop, has since grown to what is arguably the best ecommerce solution for small and medium scale businesses today. Today, Shopify powers over 400,000 ecommerce sites in over 175 countries, selling over 34 billion dollars in services and merchandise in its rise. We explore the rise and growth of this ecommerce tool and how it has changed the global Internet marketplace forever.

Growth History

Over the past 5 years, Shopify has seen its biggest growth. In 2012, Shopify had 41,910 merchants using its platform and has grown by 1000% since then. Year on year growth has been close to, if not over, 100% yearly in terms of new merchants adopting Shopify. As ecommerce continues to become more and more the go-to way that the tech-savvy shop, Shopify is expected to continue at this growth rate for the foreseeable future. It has seen numbers of online shoppers increase even more dramatically than merchants, and as of 2016, more than 1 in 3 people in the US have frequented a Shopify powered store.

Top Brand Adoption

Shopify is designed to be an easy solution to implement for any size business, especially the new entry small businesses to the marketplace. That being said, many of the top brands and established ecommerce businesses have adopted Shopify into their sales channels. Budweiser, Redbull, Penguin Books and Tesla Motors all use Shopify to power their online stores and these brands represent just the tip of the iceberg of top brands currently using Shopify.

Where To Find More Information

Shopify is a great solution for any start-up or ecommerce business looking for a simple and effective way to set up and administer their online stores. If you are looking at Shopify as an option, check out these 61 facts about Shopify courtesy of Website Builder.

61 Facts About Shopify’s Success Story