Writing your listings is one thing — creating a stunning page that reflects your personality and vibe as a seller is another. And with help from RepricerExpress, you can find the right eBay template to really help you take off. We’ve curated this list of these five templates that are pretty awesome right now.

eBay Template Shops: Something for All Budgets

We love this option because no matter how much or little you’ve got to spend, you can walk away with a professional-looking template. Heck, even if your budget is zero dollars, you can still find a template! And if there’s a premium theme your heart’s after, try it out for free before shelling out for it.

If you’re looking at a custom template, prices start off at £2.99/month for the template wizard or £99.99 for a basic shop design and go up to £299.99 (one-time prices. Visit eBay Template Shop.

Crazylister: Take the HTML and Run with It

What we love about this one is that it offers up a bunch of HTML templates, along with giving you the option to tweak the code if you want to change things here or there based on your tastes and preferences. Plus, they’ve got a blog that regularly lists great tips you can use to make your design stand out, with six categories (Most Popular, Case Studies, Entrepreneurship, Fun, Increase eBay Sales, Multi-channel) to choose from.

Prices run from $4-12/month paid annually, with each one available to try for free. Visit Crazylister to check them out.

Widget Chimp: Skip Learning about HTML

A lot of templates require you to have a basic proficiency of HTML, but not Widget Chimp. Instead, it’s what Apple was to the world of computing back in the ‘80s: all of a sudden, you had a thing that was heaps more user-friendly and erased a lot of the learning curve. Two things we really love about this one: you can take templates for a free week-long test drive before committing, and templates utilise responsive web design (i.e. they’re mobile-friendly).

Pricing is either £9.99/month for a professional template or £29.99/month for an elite, with discounts given at the three-, six- and 12-month marks. Visit Widget Chimp.

Free eBay Templates: Free, Free, Free!

You know how there are those restaurants where the décor might not be out of this world but the food is because the owner decided to pour all the money into the latter? Well, not that we’re necessarily advocating that exact principle, but this is one template option that allows you to choose one for free so you can invest your money in other avenues. They offer a bunch of different colour schemes, and then, in a really neat twist, give you step-by-step instructions on how to use it. The site itself is a bit Angelfire-y, but they’re more concerned with giving you great free templates than making their site artificially snazzy.

Pricing is, yup, you guessed it, free and all you have to do is visit Free eBay Templates.

OC Designs Online: Top Quality at Affordable Prices

Even an untrained eye can spot the difference between bespoke and off-the-rack clothing, with OC Designs Online falling into the former category. It’s definitely a step above, but they don’t charge crazy prices to get that professional, tailored look. Adding to the experience are a few things:

  • Price savings if you combine their template and design options.
  • Magento themes are a very real option.
  • If you also have an Amazon store, they’ve got designs for that, too.
  • They’ve got a heap of services for you, like site design and blogging.

Their site says packages start at $249, but there are so many options and services, you’re best off visiting them at OC Designs Online.

A great eBay template is one of your first steps to driving more traffic to your site. Once visitors get there, you’ll need RepricerExpress to handle competitive pricing for your catalogue and non-catalogue items. And like the best template sources we listed here, we’ve also got a free trial (first 15 days free) so you can test out the awesomeness beforehand.

*This article first appeared on the RepricerExpress blog