Selling on eBay can be a great way to make some money when having a clear out at home, it can help boost sales from a traditional retail store or you can run an entire business using eBay as your only selling platform. There are various options available to all types of eBay sellers and one of them is an eBay shop or store.

The Basic Shop subscription is £14.99 and will provide you with a Shop Home Page where you can build a brand for your business. You will also get 5 customer pages that you can use to boost your brand, detail your sales and returns policies and display information about yourself or your company to allow you to connect with customers, allowing you to add all the elements you would have on your own ecommerce website to your eBay profile.

There are additional benefits to subscribing to an eBay shop, a list of all the features of the Basic eBay Shop subscription is below.

Reduced Fees
eBay shop subscribers get a reduction on their insertion fees; the Basic shop subscription reduces the fee by half, from £0.20 to £0.10. This can end up saving you a lot if you are considering selling on eBay as your main source of business. You can earn even more reduction on your fees by becoming a Top Rated Seller on eBay. For more information on this see

Good Till Cancelled
eBay Shop subscribers can use this feature to set a product to automatically relist every 30 days until you manually stop the item from listing. This will improve the sales history for your listings, in turn improving the position of the listing in the Best Match search results. For more information on how to improve your rank in the Best Match result sees here

Customised Web Address
You can set up your own eBay URL to drive customers directly to your eBay store. You will also be listed in the Shops Directory, increasing the chance of buyers finding your listings.

Promotion Boxes
You get the chance to highlight features items for sale to increase sales on that product. This will also drive traffic to your other listings, increasing the chance of more sales across all your items.

You can set up to 300 custom categories for your shop to help buyers browse your listings, maybe highlighting different brands you sell, or separating items by size or colour.

Custom Shop Header
Create a branded header with links to featured products or promotions within your eBay store.

Email Marketing
Subscribing to an eBay shop will allow you to email customers monthly, allowing you to offer a newsletter or promotional flyer to promote your listings. You can also create promotional flyers and shop branded business materials to be included with your shipments, encouraging repeat business.

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